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About Us
What is unique about SARRA?

SARRA was established in 1984 with a view to function as a training resource agency in South Asia region for enhancing the proficiency levels of rural development agencies. The four fold rural reconstruction strategy which was promoted and tested in China, Taiwan and Philippines by Dr. YC James Yen and his associates was the basis for the work of SARRA.

The four fold reconstruction strategy incorporates bottom up development of the poor and marginalized communities through enhance education, livelihood, health and self governance.

How SARRA participated in the sustainable livelihood initiatives?

Since 1990 SARRA conducted several capacity building programs in SA region on sustainable agriculture in collaboration with international institute of rural reconstruction and asian NGO coalition ANGOC of philippines.

However SARRA's association with Dr.Cho Han Kyu from South Korea and his technologies related to farming with IMO's deeply attracted the attention of SARRA. Intensive interactions with Cho Han Kyu (1935) helped SARRA to recognise CGNF technologies as the alternative and sustainable for saving the farming community from the domination and control of green revolution technologies.

Since 2007 SARRA has established a training resource center at Pulicherla (40 km) from Tirupati. SARRA is majorly concentrating its initiatives to spread the technologies in South Asia region. Dr Cho han kyu as certified Rohini Reddy to function as the certified training coordinator on CGNF technologies.

Currently SARRA is working with International Land Coalition, Rome and ANGOC in order to enhance the competence levels for promoting the technologies in India. During the next 2-3 years SARRA intends to work in South Asia region with at view to promote a critical mass of farmers, scientists and civil society organizations to develop competence levels in promoting CGNF technologies so that we are able to help the farming community. Civic minded citizens of Asia, Africa and Latin America need to pay attention to this technology which has remained dormant due to the western interests of the economic and political regimes.For example South Korea and Japan have taken a lead role in promoting this technologies including the marketing operations. It is high time for all of us to gain awareness knowledge and participate in the movement for enhancing the welfare and development of the farming community.

What is CGNF technologies?

Dr Cho Han Kyu from south Korea visited Pulicherla in 2005 and conducted a training program on application of IMO technologies subsequently a 3 member team from India visited South Korea to develop intensive interactions with the farmers promoting IMO technologies. Subsequently during 2006, Rohini Reddy took the initiative to promote a training resource center at Pulicherla. The major objective is to enhance competence levels of civic minded citizens from south asia region to function as activists of the promoters of IMO technologies. SARRA continues to receive valuable guidance and support from Dr. Cho Han Kyu.

Who maintains the website?

Maintained by Vishnu Vardhan Reddy Kuraparthi and Avinash Reddy who are an avid supporters of innovative farming and member's of SARRA family.

Does SARRA (Mrs. Rohini Reddy) officially Certified?

She is the first woman to be certified (and only one) and authorized to enter agreements with education and research institution for advanced related to CGNF in South Asia region.