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Natural Farming Inputs

Water-Soluble Calcium Phosphate (Ws-Capo)


The Water-soluble Calcium Phosphate (WS-CaPo) is extracted from the bone of vertebrate animals. WS-CaPo is an essential substance for plant growth and is widely distributed in the soil. Calcium phosphate is insoluble in water, but soluble in acids: this property is used in Natural Farming. Calcium phosphate can dissolve slightly in the water containing CO2.

Phosphoric acid and Calcium are good for plant cultivation. Their results are said to be effective, but with improved method of production and correct usage, the benefits may be seen much faster.

Materials / Ingredients Needed
Animal bones 200 gms (Cow / Pig / Chicken/ fish)
Brown Rice Vinegar 1 liter. (BRV)
Clay Jar / Glass Jar
Porous paper ( Paper towel)
Rubber Band
To remove the flesh boiled the bones and dry under sunlight. Do not use raw bones, on which meat and fat is attached. Turn the bones into a charcoal state by burning them at a low temperature. This process is necessary to burn organic and fatty substances.
Use the charcoal of the bones as they are or pound them (Do not pound too much, as it will become powder). Put the bones in the jar with BRV.
Calcium phosphate is dissolved from the bones.
Small bubbles will appear. If there is no movement, it means that the process of solution is completed (about 7 days).
NOTE: Cow, Pig or Fish bones contain much calcium phosphate. After burning them at a low temperature for removing organic substances, then put them into veniger or BRV for extracting inorganic substance, calcium phosphate.

WS-CaPo is diluted 1:500 to 1:1000 times for crops. A stronger dilution rate can be used when needed. The solution is then sprayed on leaves.


WS-CaPo is used on plants before and after the changeover period.

Use after dilution with water. The basic dilution ratio is 1:1000
Spray WS-CaPo on leaves during the periods of cross-over and vegetative growth.
Use WS-CaPo when the crop overgrows.
Use WS-CaPo when the initial growth is poor.
Use WS-CaPo when the flower buds have weak differentiation.
Use as drinking water (1:500) for the livestock that are pregnant or ovulating.
WS-CaPo It can be fed to animals during pregnancy or breeding time.
1. The optimum temperature ranges from 23-25 ºC.
2. It is good to have cool and shaded place where no direct sunlight can penetrate.